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Frame saw with diamond rope PL1700 Wersja polska

Additional equipment:
  • Electrovalve for clean water
  • Extension of track (per meter above 5 m)
  • Anchors for mounting the construction
  • Heating system in control cabinet - cooling system is standard built-in cabinet
  • Increasing the size of the working table
  • Change from 2 to 4 wheels leading the diamond rope

Requirements to be executed (before starting the machine) by Customer:
  • electric supply cable: 5 x 6 [mm2] stranded copper conductor
  • protection in electric network before machine: D32-3P
  • electric connection between the machine and the network should be disconnectable - plug/socket 32A
  • before start, all fixed, metal parts shall be connected by means of band iron of section 120 mm2 with PE of electric installation
  • all media (electricity, water, compressed air) shall be led to foundations from the side of control cabinet
In case the machine works on open air it is necessary to build roofing over the control cabinet.
The frame saw with the single diamond rope is used to cut stone blocks. Cutting length 3800 mm, cutting deep 1700 mm for single wheels. Features of the machine:
  • cutting process fully parameterizable and controlled - operation of the machine controls the PLC controller, drives are controlled via frequency inverters, configuration is carried out in the HMI LCD
  • machine is made of two stiff supports, on which in vertical direction move constructional elements with set of wheels guiding rope and pneumatic mechanism of its tension
  • vertical movement of the rope wheels (located inside metal casings) is implemented via a trapezoidal bolts placed inside the columns and central drive mechanism (motoreducer) uptight with them through the clutch and worm reduction gears
  • trolley to move the stone block moving on tracks is driven by a motoreducer
  • variable speed control cutting can cut a variety of materials: granite, marble, abrasive rocks of different hardness
  • movement of trolley, vertical movement of the rope and speed adjustment of the rope are controlled by frequency inverters, which assures fluent start, braking, regulation of movement speed, protects engines against short circuits, phase failure, fluctuations in energetic network
  • all parameters of the automatic cycle work is introduced in the HMI LCD - the basic parameters are: cutting speed [m/s], speed of rope lowering [cm/h], speed of undercut [cm/h], thickness and number of plates cut, parameterization cycles lowering rope work/break separately for the process of leaving and undercutting
  • manual cycle allows any movement with latching or not-latching in the movement of the trolley and the vertical rope
  • the frame saw is equipped with standard safety elements, such as:
    • linear magnetic rope tension measurement (protects against incorrectly entered parameter lowering speed rope, indicates the type of event to break the rope)
    • water pressure sensor (indicates the type of event the lack of water, stopping the cutting process)
Basic parameters - PL1700 ..
Power supply 3/N/PE ~400 V; 12,75 kW
Compressed air 0,6 MPa
Main engine 11 kW, 980 rpm
Cutting length 3800 mm
Cutting deep 1700 mm (for PL1700 model)
Diamond rope speed 12 ÷ 36 m/s
Speed of rope lowering 1 ÷ 250 cm/h
Rope diameter 8 ÷ 11 mm
Max. cutting blocks 3800 x 1800 x 1700 mm
(length x width x height)

We provide assembly, commissioning, warranty 12 months and after-sales service