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Profile side grinder for tombstones

Profile side grinder for tombstones Wersja polska

Intended for stone processing - milling and polishing process
  • milling
  • polishing
  • drilling holes
Features and parameters of the machine:
  • the ability to work from any angle
  • work with tools: 1/2 inch thread, M14 adapter
  • dual-range 1400/2800 rpm head motor, water is fed through the head spindle
  • vertical oscillation of the head, built-in hydraulic pump
  • pneumatic, adjustable side pressure to the material


Requirements to be executed (before starting the machine) by Customer:
  • protection in electric network before machine: D20-3P
  • before start, all fixed, metal parts shall be connected by means of band iron of section 120 mm2 with PE of electric installation
  • all media (electricity, water, compressed air) shall be led from the side of control cabinet
Basic parameters..
Power supply 3/N/PE ~400 V; 4,5 kW
Main engine dual-range 2.0/2.6 kW; 1400/2800 obr/min
Compressed air 0,5 MPa
Dimensions 1600 x 1600 mm (standard)
(length x width)

We provide assembly, commissioning, warranty 12 months and after-sales service