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Stone splitting machine Wersja polska 

Designed for splitting stone
  • hydraulic splitting
  • adjustable operating range (splitting stroke) via proximity sensors
Basic parameters..
Power supply 3/N/PE ~400 V; 8 kW
Pump engine 7,5 kW
Splitting power 25 T
Splitting width 100 mm (2/2 knifes)
Splitting stroke 250 mm
Knife dimension 50x25 mm
Number of knifes (upper/lower) 2/2 (on request: 3/3)
Dimension machine 1600 mm x 1200 mm x 2000 mm
(length x width x height)

We provide warranty 12 months and after-sales service

Additional equipment:
  • Increasing the number of of knives  upper and lower: 2/2 -> 3/3

Requirements to be executed (before starting the machine) by Customer:
  • electric supply cable: 5 x 4 [mm2] stranded copper conductor
  • protection in electric network before machine: D32-3P
  • electric connection between the machine and the network should be disconnectable - plug/socket 32A
  • media (electricity) shall be led from the side of control cabinet