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Stone crusher Wersja polska 

Requirements to be executed (before starting the machine) by Customer:
  • electric supply cable: 5 x 4 [mm2] stranded copper conductor
  • protection in electric network before machine: D32-3P
  • electric connection between the machine and the network should be disconnectable - plug/socket 32A
Jaw crusher for stone. Features of the machine:
  • both of jaws are moveable - such a solution increases productivity
  • used for the initial and final (adjustable output fraction) crushing of raw materials (not manifesting a tendency to sticking)
  • high operational reliability
  • low costs for operations and maintenance
  • undemanding operation and maintenance
  • ease of replacement of spare parts
Basic parameters..
Power supply 3/N/PE ~400 V; 7,5 kW
Max. thickness of the material up to 12 cm
The inlet opening dimensions 40 x 15 cm
Dimensions 1170 mm x 720 mm x 1330 mm
(length x width x height)

We provide warranty 12 months and after-sales service

  • Possibility to make with a single movable jaw.